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Escape into the Wild

Escape into the Wild is part of our Wet & Wild collection.  It is the ultimate short stay option for those who want to get a taste of the Orange River and Richtersveld, but do not have much time to do so.  You will spend a night under a star-studded sky and take a short walk to a scenic viewpoint showcasing the surrounding mountains.  Escape into the wild is a great entry level adventure.  It is an experience suitable for all ages and families with young kids are welcome.

The trip starts at our base camp The Growcery. We intend to paddle, float, bird watch and relax for 3,5 km downstream from camp. Here we will arrive at a place that we call Kitchen Caves or “swiss roll”. You also have a beautiful view of “Fingerprints” also known as Snail Mountain from this river spot. There is a large sandbank at the bottom of a rugged Richtersveld mountain. Our overnight camp will be here. Escape into the wild includes a guided hike with spectacular 270-degree views of the Richtersveld. You have a choice of meal preferences, and we also cater for vegetarians and vegans. Just let us know in advance.

All the meals are prepared old school on open fires and under the celestial skies of the Richtersveld Desert. One amazing experience of the Richtersveld is the fact that you can sleep next to the fire in the open air. One of the few places left where this can be done. For many an intimidating thought, but so rewarding at the end. This short Escape into the Wild adventure is perfect for introducing wild camping. Very popular amongst travellers passing through this area.

Escape into the Wild

Day 1: Arrive at The Growcery Camp no later than 12 pm.
We have a briefing and preparations to depart at 14:30 pm (D)
Day 2: After a hearty breakfast we will be back at camp at 10: 30 – 11:00 (B)
B-breakfast; L-lunch; D-dinner

What to expect on the Escape into the Wild 

The rafting trail is surrounded by granite rocks, lava deposits, and sheer cliffs. The beautiful mountains and reed beds along the banks of the river will guide you to the overnight campsite.  You can experience extraordinary birdlife. The Escape into the Wild is the perfect short stay adventure suitable for the whole family. Sleep on the banks of the Orange River and under the star-studded Richtersveld night skies.


  • Do I need any experience to join this trip? – No experience required.
  • What are the youngest realistic ages for these trips? – We suggest from 5 years and older.
  • Is there malaria in this region? – The Orange River is a malaria free zone.
  • How far is this trip? – Anything between 3,5 – 7.5km depending on the water levels.
  • When is High water? – Dec – April.
  • When is low water? – May – Nov.
  • How big are the groups? – min 4 people per group.
  • What is a Scheduled Departure?– These are confirmed departures.
  • What must I pack? – You will receive a packing list with every reservation.
  • Will my car be safe while I am on the trip? – We offer safe and secure parking at The Growcery Camp.
  • What about a medical kit? We suggest that you bring your equipment.
  • What about special dietary requirements? We cater for vegetarians and vegans.
  • If you are on a special diet, we suggest that you bring the needed ingredients and our guides will assist in the preparations.
Orange River Rafting Includes


  • All Rafting Equipment, Rafts, Paddles, Flotation Devices
  • Dinner & Breakfast
  • Guided Hike
  • Conservation fees
Orange River Rafting Excludes


  • Own Drinks
  • Own extra Snacks
  • Own sleepingsbags, Mattresses, Camping gear
  • Gratuities
Orange River Rafting Tour Information


DURATION: Overnight
DEPARTS FROM: The Growcery Camp
Orange River Rafting Product Pricing


  2019 Rates 2020 Rates
Adults R 950 R 1150
Child 15-17 yrs R 745 R 950
Child 12-14 yrs R 650 R 850
Child 5-11 yrs R 550 R 750
Orange River Rafting Tour Schedule

Adventure SCHEDULE

Day 1

The Growcery Camp – Orange River

We suggest that you check in at The Growcery Camp no later than 12:00pm. We will have briefing and head off to our river bush campsite on our two man inflatable rafts. The paddle downstream is 3-5km and you can expect to view a wide variety of bird life and stunning rock formations  on your journey. Set up your camp and relax next to the fire while our guides prepare a fresh fire cooked meal for you.  Sleep under the stars or in a tent under the unpolluted skies of the Orange River. Meals: Dinner

Day 2

 Orange River –   The Growcery Camp

After a hearty fire cooked breakfast, you will head back to The Growcery Camp where your trail will end. Meals: Breakfast

DISCLAIMER: We reserve the right to cancel any activity due to weather or unsafe conditions. An alternative activity will be provided wherever possible.

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