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3-Day Orange River Rafting

3-Day Orange River Rafting for Students

3-Day Orange River Family Adventure

3-Day Orange River Family Adventure

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4-Day Orange River Family Adventure

2 Day Wet & Wild

2-Day Wet & Wild


Escape into the Wild

Orange River fishing

5-Day Orange River Fishing

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Orange River Kayaking

Half Day Rafting

Half-Day Rafting

Full Day River Rafting

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6 Day Orange River Rafting

Transfrontier Rafting

5-Day Transfrontier Rafting Adventure

Orange River Rafting

4-Day Orange River Rafting

Orange River Information

The Orange River is named after the Dutch Prince William of Orange. The Gariep River or “Great River” as the local Nama people call it. The Orange River cuts through the Richtersveld desert reserve and is now part of the Richtersveld Ais-Ais Transfrontier Park.  The River starts high in the Drakensberg Mountains. The river then meanders for about 2200 km until it reaches the Atlantic Ocean. The mouth of the river is at Alexander Bay (Oranjemund).

The total catchment area of the Orange River system constitutes 77% of the surface area of South Africa. 40% of the basin is outside South Africa in Lesotho, Namibia and Botswana. Yearly the Orange River provides an excellent source of life to all living in its arid surrounds.

Umkulu Safari & Canoe Trails have been leading Orange River Rafting tours for the past 20 years. We are a local company with a local flavour of adventure. Our river operations extend from Vioolsdrift all the way to Sendlingsdrift. We pride ourselves on offering value for money river adventures. Our adventure portfolio on the Orange River covers from 3-hour river rafting adventures to 9-day trails.

Orange River Information

What makes the river rafting trails unique is the fact that the Richtersveld Desert surrounds it. It is a pool drop river and over 300 km the river drops 150 meters in height. It is a gradual slope with entry-level and moderates to high-level rapids. Our experienced river rafting team will guide you through all the rapids. Our two man and four man inflatable rafts is perfect to negotiate these rapids in the safest possible way.

The river rafting adventure trails will lead you to experience the remote and rugged Richtersveld. Experience a wild bush campsite on the banks of the river and sleeping outside under the stars. Escape into the wild and visit the Orange River on a river rafting adventure trail. This Rafting Trails is an experience you will never forget!

River rafting is one of the purest adventure activities in Southern Africa.

Orange River Highlights:

  • Breath-taking scenery.
  • There is a variety of birdlife.
  • Paddle through Exciting fast flowing rapids.
  • One of the few places where Sleeping under the stars is the norm.
  • Relaxing next to the fire.
  • Fire-cooked meals.
  • Fishing.
  • Swimming in the Orange River
  • Hiking the mountains of the Richtersveld.

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