wet and wild


Wet and Wild is our combination of safari and river adventures combined.

These Wet and Wild Adventures are the newest additions to our tours and adventures. These adventures are suited for travelers and visitors that seek short stay options and a combination of experiences.  Our focus is on the Orange River, Nababeep Conservancy, Richtersveld & Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, Namaqua National Park and the untouched West Coast of South Africa.  

You can choose from a half day of Orange River rafting to 12 days of river rafting and safari adventures.  We are surrounded by desert regions and these sensitive ecosystems are a perfect habitat for the nocturnal visitors in our wildlife spectrum. The desert also allows us to experience great outdoor camping trips and endless night skies. Filled with unpolluted views of our southern hemisphere celestial skies.  We have decided to explore these untraveled desert areas and discover their hidden secrets.  Choose your wet and wild adventure or send us your special request and we can tailor an adventure that can suit your interest.

The day is spent exploring the beauty of the Orange River, Richtersveld and surrounds. We offer a perfect combination of Orange River rafting and hiking the Richtersveld Mountains.
This is the perfect overnight adventure for all ages and people with no previous experience. A combination of a scenic paddle, a sunset hike and overnight on the banks of the Orange River. – ” paddle, hike & overnight. “
This is a perfect combination to escape into the wild with a combination of rafting and 4×4 trail. The Richtersveld provides us with some, if not the best celestial skies. The remote area allows for our client to have a real into the wild experience.
The Kgalagadi and Richtersveld Wet and Wild Safari is a perfect combination between wildlife, desert, adventure on the Orange river and hiking some mountains in the Richtersveld. This adventure is voted one of the best trips for 2012/13. We offer this trail in either camping or lodge accommodation options. Explore this unforgettable adventure.
This is the perfect combination between the untouched west coast, Richtersveld and Orange River. Explore the road less traveled and join our river rafting and safari adventure of the best coast line in South Africa .