The Growcery at the Orange River

The Growcery Camp 

Vioolsdrift – Northern Cape – Richtersveld

Growcery, ‘ The Growcery’. Recycle, Re use and re – visit this friendly bushcamp. Build with time love and many hands. Take the open road and get lost on the way to the Growcery camp. Forget your phone and i – mac android and feel the Richtersveld around you and the comfortable grass below. Dont hesitate or postpone. Commit to the cause and relief yourself from the traffic down south. Why not is the reason for the Growcery Camp


This is an eco friendly destination where we grow our own food.  We re – use and re – cycle and strive to offer the freshest produce on sight. We have planted over 500 trees and value them for our shaded future.  Our hands and work is there to be enjoyed and we offer you a tranquil camp with recycledaccommodation. It has become a destination on the banks of the Orange River.

22 km from Vioolsdrift border direction west along the Orange River towards the Nababeep community Reserve. Strategically built between the mountains and on the bank of the Orange River. The Growcery offers great orange river accommodation options. You can choose from a private campsite to shared campsites. From a minimalistic chic shack to a twin room en-suite. Secure your orange river accommodation. 

 You can choose a * 1000 star accommodation and sleep under the open night skies of the Richtersveld. Be brave and daring and choose our favourite river view room. A room under the night skies of the Richtersveld. 

Latitude: -28.698041; Longitude: 17.49843  


We love dogs and have five of our own, so we feel there is no need to take in more dogs at camp at this stage – so please no pets. Our Australian cattle dogs will herd any pet, so it’s best if they are kept at home when visiting us at the Growcery camp. 

Goods rest and services Children from  12-100 Children 6-12  Children 0-5
camping R100.00 R 60.00 Free
chic shacks (no bedding) R150.00 R 150.00 Free
chic shacks bedding R 200.00 R 200.00 Free
4 x 4 Camp R 120.00 R 80.00 Free
Twin Room ensuite Not completed
River view Room Not completed


Our campsites are divided into Public and Private campsites.
Public campsites are open and shared camps amongst travellers and visitors. (No daily fee to secure your shared campsite)
Private Campsites secures your own camp ( R 50.00 daily fee to secure your private camp)