Full Day River Rafting Adventure

Full Day Rafting Trail

Full Day Rafting Trail: This is a perfect short stay adventure option for travelers and visitors passing through the Richtersveld and Orange River region with limited time.

Min 4 people secures a departure

Time Frame:  4-6 Hours
Distance: 14 – 22 Km (depending on the water level)
Tour Starts: 8:30 / 9:00 am
Equipment: 2 man inflatable rafts, paddles, floatation devices, cooler box for drinks, dry bags for personals
Starts: The Growcery Camp
Ends: The Growcery Camp
Lunch is provided – Picnic Style Lunch
Mineral water supplied

This full day rafting trail is suitable for all people and no previous experience is needed. Our team will supply all the rafting equipment and transfers to the starting point of our trail.  The starting point varies, all depending on the water level of the Orange River. In general we cover a distance from 15 – 25 km. This is deteremind by the water levels.

What to expect:

You can expect introductory rapids, fast flowing channels and weirs along your way. The full day rafting trail is surrounded by working farms, granite rocks, lava deposits and reed beds along the banks of the river.  Extraordinary Birdlife can be expected along this trip.  Most common sightings will be Goliath Heron, Fish eagles, Jackal Buzzards, Gymnogene, Cormorants, Egyptian geese, African black duck, weavers and some migrating birds.  The Full Day Rafting will allow us to offer a picnic style lunch on the banks or even an island along the Orange River.  This is a very relaxing introduction to the Orange River and suitable for all ages.  You will have ample photographic opportunities on this full day trail.

A highlight on our full day rafting trail is our rock jumping underneath the yellow cliffs.  This is optional to those who seek a more adventurous approach.

Full Day and Overnight Trails must be booked 48 hours before departure
Trips start and end from The Growcery Camp 

Full Day Rafting Trail – Orange River

Rates: R 695 per person

Departs from the Growcery Camp : www.thegrowcery.co.za